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Edgar Owl & Poe Pincushions SP009-Owl


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Mind your pins and needles with Edgar Owl & Poe pincushions.  Create a flock of faithful sewing companions.  Layer face details to discover each owl's unique personality.  Pattern by Heather Bailey.  $28.00

Edgar Owl & Poe

• 1/4 yd fabric (or 1 fat quarter) for owl body

• 1/8 yd fabric (or 3”h x 10”w scrap) for face & front side of ear tufts

• 1/8 yd fabric for SMALL OWL—1/4 yd for LARGE OWL—(or 5”h x 14”w scrap) for chest & underside of wings

• 1/8 yd fabric (or 4”h x 10”w scrap) for feet

• 3/8 yd light-weight, fusible, woven interfacing for SMALL OWL—1/2 yd for LARGE OWL—18”+ wide (optional, but highly recommended)

• Wool-blend felt scraps (2 to 6 colors recommended for beak, shoulder feathers, eyelids & brows, plus cream felt for eyes)

• 2 buttons for eyes, 5/8” wide

• Stuffing & thread 

Pins, scissors, pinking shears, water-soluble marker, iron, ironing board, seam sealant, stuffing tool (such as Stuffing Fork™), needle, extra-long needle (such as dollmaker’s needle)